Tuesday, March 2, 2010


If you're anything like me,you love to travel!Seeing new places, exploring new cultures,taking lots of photographs.But even if you're not,there's something about going away and escaping the routine,that appeals to anyone.We all reach a certain point,when we really need to go away.And when we do..it feels so good!
Before every trip,I always try not to get my hopes up about anything.That way,if something goes wrong,it's ok.If not,you have an even more awesome time!
The amazing thing nowadays,is that everything is so evolved,that you don't understand how you're suddenly in a whole other place,in just a few hours.You have to step off the car/plane/train,and still.It takes you a while to get used to where you are.
Bu then,it suddenly hits you,you're there.So many great things to see and do!Learn local dialects,foreign and sign languages in order to communicate with people.Visit monuments and great sights that you just have to see while you're there.Meet new and interesting people,discuss new subjects and exchange opinions,make new friends.Try new food.Do stuff you do everyday,in different surroundings.Have new experiences,and find a way to remember them,either by writing them down on a journal,or by taking pictures and videos.
Unfortunately,though,before you know it,the trip is over.Now for many people this part sucks.But not for me.I believe that the greatest part of going away,is when you get back home.I love returning back to my base.I'm filled with new memories,and ready to start planning new adventures..

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