Saturday, January 30, 2010

A dream within a dream

Sometimes,you can't keep but wonder.What if?What if things had turned out differently?What if it was a mistake?What if it wasn't?How can you keep thinking about it,again and again,and never really let it go?Is this what everyone has been talking about?If it is,why doesn't it go away?It should have by now.Can a dream really bring back so many emotions?Emotions you thought you were fighting successfully?Emotions that leave a void inside of you..Like something is missing.Something that was never completed.And now it can never be.It's too late.There's too much history.And bad timing.Very bad timing,from the beginning,till what you wish was the end.Only it isn't.Because apparently,your subconscious knows better than you.So much better.You can deny it,hide it,avoid it.But it's there.And boy, does it hurt.

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